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      Hasnain jaffery

      where can I find the exact label match for the number reported in 10-K or any field report. For example Apple 10-K year 2019 there are 29 entries marked as “MarketableSecuritiesCurrent” in fact table. I can match the numbers in 10-K as well but I am not able to locate the exact screen match label for these numbers anywhere. Can anyone help me on this…?

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Hasnain,

      Pass the dts.id and concept.local-name for the fact to the /label endpoint to get the presentation-side text that corresponds to the value.

      There’s a Google Sheet sample posted in this reply that might be helpful – https://xbrl.us/forums/topic/tackling-issues-with-operating-lease-data/#post-185320.

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