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      Let me show tesla’s company facts data with restful api:

      You can see all labels in ‘facts —- us-gaap’,do all listed companies share same label names ?
      Does apple and tesla have the same labels ?Can every company create its own customerized label names?

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      Hi Length Power – thanks for writing and apologies for the delay in responding.

      Every company can create custom labels that readers see when they are reviewing a report. The XBRL elements the company has chosen for its financial report can either be base elements (from a US GAAP or IFRS Taxonomy) or extension elements created by the company if they determine that no base element meets the need in their reporting.

      If you use the XBRL API, try the Simple Statement and Disclosure template – you can review the label and element decisions made by a company in reporting its financials (https://xbrl.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/simple-statement-disclosure.xlsx).

      It’s really the underlying elements (not the front-side labels) that should be considered if you’re looking to compare company financials.

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