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      Arthur Olevskiy

      Hi David,

      I have find issue with getting network.role-description.
      I use this link


      Following dts.id has lack of network.role-description:
      382268 – 10-Q – doesn’t have document role-description
      364559 – 10-K – doesn’t have cash flow, document and many more role-description. By the way all 10-K has this issue
      347245 – 10-Q – doesn’t have document, cash flow and many more

      Do you have other endpoint to get network.role-description for aprticular document?

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      Arthur Olevskiy

      Will this endpoint https://api.xbrl.us/api/v1/relationship/tree/search?dts.id=382268&network.link-name=calculationLink&format=flat&fields=network.role-description
      return me all network.role-description which really exist in document?

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      Arthur Olevskiy

      Where I can read about difference between calculationLink and presentationLink. They contain different network.role-description but I don’t know why and which is better for me (I’m trying to collect statements role-description from document)

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      David Tauriello

      Arthur – use the .sort(ASC) option on your initial query https://api.xbrl.us/api/v1/dts/{dts_id}/network?fields=network.role-description.sort(ASC) – most companies put their statements ahead of disclosures, so this should make identifying these parts of the financial report a bit easier.

      The other issue you’re up against in terms of returning ‘all’ as opposed to ‘some’ is related to XBRL US Membership. Non-members can return 100 rows per query, up to 1,000 rows using the .offset(N) parameter (see this post for a brief explanation of .offset and check out the documentation for more details: https://xbrl.us/forums/topic/period-details-for-facts/#post-143964)

      Our Taxonomy Developers Handbook (TDH) has details about the different linkbases in an XBRL report: (I went to https://xbrl.us/tdh and then followed the ‘Common Linkbases’ link to this document – https://xbrlus.github.io/docs/tdh.html#a_Toc45794947)

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      Arthur Olevskiy

      Hi David, thank you for answer.

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