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      Tim Bui

      Is there any way to increase the limit of the length on the code?
      When I try to standardize a concept that is composed of more than 4 other concepts, I get an error “Limit Exceeded: URLFetch URL Length. (line 106)”
      For example, if I want to have a standardized Selling, Gen & Admin Expenses (SGA_Tot) from these concepts below, I receive an error:
      Thank you!

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      Tim Bui

      So far to get around the RL Length, I break the code into 2 and do the summation in Excel.
      SGA1:SellingGeneralAndAdministrativeExpense, generalandadministrativeexpense,SellingAdministrativeAndResearchAndDevelopmentExpenses

      SGA2: GeneralAndAdministrativeExpenseAndOtherOperatingExpenses, OtherSellingGeneralAndAdministrativeExpense, SellingAndMarketingExpense

      My question: is there a way to add the results of 2 or more concepts within an API code? This would help to reduce the number of calls.

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      David Tauriello

      Tim – thanks for posting back with your solution to the issue in the initial post.

      The message ‘Limit Exceeded: URLFetch URL Length.’ is a Google Services error (https://developers.google.com/apps-script/guides/services/quotas). According to the page, there’s a 2kB limit (about 2,000 characters).

      Some things to try:

      • restructure the query to eliminate any unnecessary filters/screens and/or fields returned (maybe there’s a more efficient way to call for the data you need)
      • try a URL shortener (bit.ly is one such service) – I don’t have any experience with this, but it may be worthwhile if it works
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