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      Angelo Brizi


      returns 152703000000

      This is the 10-K filed on 2019-10-11 but the returned revenues are for the 12 months not the 3 months. The 10K reports 152703 (like the API) for the 12 months but only 34740 for the 3 months. How do I get the data for the 3 months (which should be 34740)?


      This correctly represents the Revenues for the filings 10Q on 2019-12-23. No issues here


      This is the 10Q filed on 2020-03-12 and it’s missing. Revenues should be 39072000000 but returned value is null


      This is the 10Q filed on 2020-06-04 and it’s missing. Revenues should be 37266000000 but returned value is null

      Also data for 2019 2Q and 2019 3Q are missing.

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      Arthur Olevskiy

      Hi Angelo,

      I can help you with first issue. In your request, you specified “period.fiscal-period=Y” which is means 12 month. If you want get 3 quarters you can put following values: Y, 1Q, 2Q, 3Q, 4Q, 3QCUM, 1H, 2H. It depends on accounting data type if it is “duration” you need to put 3QCUM if data published “as for some date” you can put 3Q.

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      Arthur Olevskiy

      As for me, it is better to get list of fact.id for specific filing and put it in request to get values.

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      Arthur Olevskiy


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      Angelo Brizi

      Hi Arthur,
      thanks a lot for your feedback. How do you get the list of fact.id for the specific filing?

      For 2Q 2019, using either 2Q or 1H the query returns no data


      Same thing for 3Q 2019, using either 3Q or 3QCUM no data


      or for 2Q 2020, using either 2Q or 1H still no data


      Thanks again.

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      Arthur Olevskiy

      Hi Angelo,

      I use this link

      Also, you can play with requests in documentation (https://xbrlus.github.io/xbrl-api)

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      Arthur Olevskiy

      Then, you can get relationship.target-concept-id value and make following request


      concept.id same as relationship.target-concept-id. I put list of ids, fiscal period and fiscal year period to request’s params

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      Angelo Brizi

      Thanks a lot Arthur

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Angelo – On your question about why you’re unable to return fact.value data for 2Q, 3Q or 3QCUM, it is because when we load the data, our process includes an algorithm to determine period.fiscal-period, based on a common reporting calendar framework with some flexibility for start/end dates and industry sector. Unfortunately, Costco’s timings don’t quite fit this expectation and as a result, we report the range as YYYY-MM-DD – YYYY-MM-DD.


      I’ve raised this issue with the team and we’re looking at ways to address this as we process the data from the SEC. Check out this thread for a bit more discussion on fiscal v. calendar periods in the XBRL API: https://xbrl.us/forums/topic/reports-and-periods/#post-115421.

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      Angelo Brizi

      Hi David, thanks a lot for your explanation. That was very helpful.

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