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      From a data user: We are trying to get net income for publicly traded companies but the following stocks are missing info through XBRL even through they are tagged by the SEC. Can you let me know when you guys can get this done? My developers are waiting on this data to complete part of a project.

      I’m attaching the list for the stocks that are missing net income information even though they have been tagged in the SEC docs.

      Can’t post this on the forum as these are attachments.

      Thanks for your assistance.


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      Hi Tanvir – We copy each XBRL filing’s details in EDGAR to our database from the .zip file a company submits to the SEC – while we’ve missed entire filings in the past (and I’m not aware of any missing at this point), I’ve never seen us drop a fact within a filing(?).

      Can you provide a specific report as an example, instead of files full of tickers?

      Also, without an XBRL US Membership, an account won’t be able to return all possible rows and this may be the issue.

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      Nik Z

      Hi David,

      I am one of the developers on this team. This question is regarding reports not having any data available searchable with XBRL when it looks like they should.

      One example is 1-800-Flowers most recent 10-K. Where I receive the error “Inline XBRL viewing features are minimal because no supporting file was found”.

      I believe there should be XBRL data as there appears to be XBRL files on the Filing Detail Page. I also noticed “us-gaap” tags in the documents which is initially why I thought it would be possible for these cases.

      Note that in these cases I am still able to request the report, just not any facts within it. Any clarification on why this is the case or assistance in resolving it would help us out greatly.

      Thank you,

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        Hi Nik – thanks for sharing detail. The 1-800-Flowers 10-K you’re looking at is not an inline XBRL file, so it will not render in the SEC’s inline viewer (the ix?doc= part of the URL).

        If you return 1-800-Flowers reports with this query, you’ll see a field called report.entry-type – this distinguishes inline filings from older instance.xml files.


        Here’s a recent 1-800-Flowers Filing Detail Page for an inline report – compare it to your link for the 10-K

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