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      Jeff Krimmel


      I downloaded the Excel add-in, and after using the task pane to generate a query, I received “No information returned” as the output.

      Here is my task pane-generated query:

      =XBRL.showData(CONCATENATE(“https://api.xbrl.us/api/v1/fact/search?entity.cik=1326160&period.fiscal-year=2020&period.fiscal-period=Y&concept.local-name=RegulatedAndUnregulatedOperatingRevenue&fact.has-dimensions=false&fields=concept.local-name,fact.value,period.fiscal-period,period.”,”fiscal-year,fact.limit(),fact.offset()&”),””, “”, “1”)

      Do you know what’s going wrong with this one?

      As an aside, part of the reason I’m using Excel is I continue to get the following error in Google Sheets:

      Lock timeout: another process was holding the lock for too long. (line 704).

      Are those two issues related? I have tried clearing the cache from my browser, logging out, shutting the browser down, then opening it back up and logging back in, but I still get the Google Sheets error.

      Thanks a bunch for any insight you can offer,


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      David Tauriello

      Hi Jeff – the CIK is a 10-digit number; add 3 zeros to the front of your CIK value in your query and you should get results. FWIW, in the task pane you can use the ‘Get facts by entity name’ field to get fully-qualified CIKs for companies – start typing the name and select from the list to add to the CIK field.

      Also – we had to use CONCATENATE to get around Microsoft’s limit for formulas. If you use the ‘Query’ radio button just above the ‘Get’, you can drop the query into a cell. If you then put =XBRLshowData(QUERYCELL,””,””,”1″) into another cell, you get around that Microsoft ‘feature’ (QUERYCELL = where you landed the query).

      On the Google Sheet issue, try stepping through these troubleshooting steps and let me know if the issue persists.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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