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    Saar Sabo

    There is a possibility to know how much property my request has
    I want to import allconcept.local-name but there are more than 100

    I think the offset does not work well if I understand correctly what it is supposed to do

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    David Tauriello

    Including ENDPOINT.offset(INTEGER) as part of fields returns additional records not displayed by in the initial set (see 7 Handling Paging in the XBRL API Documentation for complete details).

    • Company and Institutional Members, as well as Sole Practitioner and Power User Individual Members can return unlimited results with 2,000 records per paged request.
    • Basic Individual Members can return a maximum of 2,000 records with 500 records per page (4 pages).
    • non-Members can return 1,000 records with 100 records per page (10 pages)

    See https://xbrl.us/benefits for details and let me know if you have questions about XBRL US Membership.

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    Saar Sabo

    Funny but if you use this way
    It does not work well with concept.offset()

    But use the way
    Works fine

    But how can I know how much fields or offset There is in my request
    I’m working on Add on
    And I do not really know if the user has a Member or not
    But I do need to know how I bring him all the information he can get
    I do not want to use the concept.limit(1) and concept.offset(i)
    And check when I stop getting results In order to should know this is the end
    It’s less Api friendly

    Sorry for my English

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    David Tauriello

    Thanks for your feedback on counts – I’ve noted this as a feature request. As you’ve discovered, sorting on concept.balance-type is likely not reliable because the return will either be debit or credit. Using the sort switch on a field that will always have unique values for each row returned ensures the ENDPOINT.offset() works as expected.

    Anyone using the XBRL API to return records from our Database of Public Filings will need to be authenticated (either through XBRL US or with a Google Account) – we use this to set maximums per page and for all pages returned to a user. See https://xbrl.us/benefits for details and let me know if you have questions about XBRL US Membership.

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    Saar Sabo

    Ok I just let the user enter their password and username and Api codes

    But I still do not understand how I can know how much fields or offset There in the request
    If the user is not a member
    So he can only see 100 fields
    But can be for example 231 fields How can I know how many there are?
    For example type of command ENDPOINT.fields.length
    Or ENDPOINT.offset.length
    something similar
    Then I can know how many requests I have to make
    To import all information

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    Saar Sabo

    I realized there was no way right now
    And that you write it down for future development
    This is really important for the development of external applications

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