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      PX NY

      During an XBRL.us API webinar hosted summer 2021, the report.event-items field was showcased for querying 8-K’s and their categorized items.

      I’ve used in Excel the sample query from the webinar:


      It returns a #VALUE error, even with just one field to report.

      Is the report.event-items query field currently activated for searches via Excel or Google Sheets?


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      David Tauriello

      Hi PX NY – sorry for the delay in responding; report.event-items works with searches on the /report endpoint:

      /report/search?entity.cik=0000037996&report.document-type=8-K, 8-K/A&fields=report.document-type,report.entity-name,report.event-items,report.sec-url

      One change from the webinar is that you cannot query for a specific event type – you’ll need to use entity, or SIC Code or other report filter parameter.

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