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      David Tauriello

      There were several questions we didn’t answer completely from this week’s webinar:

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      David Tauriello

      Do you provide any historical trace for deprecated concepts? Could we trace the lineage of a concept between taxonomies using the API?

      You could use the dts for approved base taxonomies (US GAAP, IFRS) to query concepts and look for ‘Deprecated’ in the label … something like:


      If you do this for the example, you’ll see the element was deprcated as of 2016 US GAAP. This is not particularly effective, though, and in addition, FASB has moved the notation for deprecated concepts from the label to a reference, so the detail exists in two places.

      We’ve got plans to implement string search in a couple of areas and these will be included (thanks for a great suggestion), so a query on ‘deprecat’ will pull only those values.

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      David Tauriello

      Is there a way to go back from the data received through the API to the actual human-readable SEC filings where the data come from, to quickly double check the data for example?

      On the webinar, we mentioned that you can use report.sec-url from the report endpoint to return the URL to the SEC index page for the filing. You can also use report.entry-url for the location of the instance (facts) for the filing.

      Further – if you combine the report.entry-url with the fact.xml-id you have a citation to the location of the fact within the instance (NOTE: not all facts have a corresponding xml id in EDGAR).


      If you open the report.entry-url in a browser and use ‘find in page’ to search on the fact.xml-id value, it will bring you to the AOCI value.

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