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      Tim Bui

      Hi David, this question has nothing to do with XBRL US, but do you happen to know what the data items ‘dimh’ and ‘iprx’ embedded within the SEC Fin Statement and Notes mean? In the readme file, the SEC describes ‘dimh’ as “The 32-byte hexadecimal key for the dimensional information in the DIM data set” and ‘iprx’ as “A positive integer to distinguish different reported facts that otherwise would have the same primary key. For most purposes, data with iprx greater than 1 are not needed. The priority for the fact based on higher precision, closeness of the end date to a month end, and closeness of the duration to a multiple of three months. See fields dcml, durp and datp below.” I am sure the SEC put them there for a reason, but if you know, can you please help explain what is the DIM datat set when should I use ‘dimh’ and ‘iprx’ to filter for data? Thank you, David!

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Tim – I’m not familiar with the details related to the SEC’s Financial Data Sets; you’ll need to contact the SEC to learn more.

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      Tim Bui

      Thank you for your reply, David. I did ask the SEC but the reply was too terse to be helpful for novices like me. Thanks again!

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