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      Arthur Olevskiy


      Can somebody answer me, please. Somewhere on this site I saw information that I can get data of non-US companies. Is it true and if yes, what data I can get and what countries this data covers?

      Also, I wondered, can I retrieve textual data from 10-K and 10-Q and what SEC filings I can get from XBRL API except 10-K and 10-Q?

      Thank you.

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Arthur – thanks for writing. below is a list of forms submitted to the SEC that we collect and store in the XBRL Database of Public Filings – foreign private issuers submit their financial data to the SEC on 20-F and 40-F. We’re also exploring how to load reports from other US agencies and regulators in other jurisdictions.

      XBRL US Members can use Company Filings Analysis in our SEC Filer Tools to search the text of documents in our Public Filings Database. We’re currently finalizing API endpoints for XBRL US Members that will provide this functionality via the XBRL API.

      • 10-12G
      • 10-12G/A
      • 10-K
      • 10-K/A
      • 10-KT
      • 10-KT/A
      • 10-Q
      • 10-Q/A
      • 10-QT
      • 20-F
      • 20-F/A
      • 20FR12G
      • 40-F
      • 40-F/A
      • 424B3
      • 485APOS
      • 6-K
      • 6-K/A
      • 8-K
      • 8-K12B
      • 8-K12B/A
      • 8-K/A
      • ARS
      • F-1
      • F-1/A
      • F-3ASR
      • F-4
      • F-4/A
      • POS AM
      • POS EX
      • S-1
      • S-11/A
      • S-1/A
      • S-3/A
      • S-4
      • S-4/A
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      Arthur Olevskiy

      Thank you David.

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