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      David Tauriello

      From an XBRL US Member:

      Is there way to keep track of changing taxonomy over the period of time? I am mot sure if companies keep track of it or not.

      I am trying to monitor the tags released, added, changed, deleted over the period of time and also wanted to see if any tag after being deleted/discarded was inserted back.

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      David Tauriello

      I’m not aware of any end-user analytics products that monitor concept lineage. With the XBRL API, you can use the concept object to query by dts.id for elements in a filing (or include concept.local-name to narrow the results). Something like this would return a few extension elements in Kraft Heinz financials from the past couple of years:


      The full list of available fields for the /concept endpoint is available from the XBRL API Interactive Documentation linked at right.

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      Tim Bui

      Hi David,
      Do you know why the US GAAP Taxomony for 2018 in XLS format is not downloading? I have no problems with other years.
      All Taxonomies: viewer including disclosure templates || .zip format || .xls format)

      Thank you, David!

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        David Tauriello

        Hi Tim – thanks for writing; the link on https://xbrl.us/2018-us-gaap is fixed. FWIW, we post details based on what FASB publishes initially, so if the location of the file is updated our link breaks. We also link to the ‘FASB Explanatory Page’ for each Taxonomy they publish – if our link is broken, you should find the updated link on their page.

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      Tim Bui

      As always, I am grateful for your help, David!

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