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      Hi everyone,

      apologies, I believe I might be overlooking something fundamental here but I do not understand what exactly has to be done to authenticate within the XBRL XL template and make the query connections work. I tried to follow the steps in the “FAQ” tab but could not really progress.. would be really appreciated if someone could higlight the necessary (first) steps a bit more clearly. Thanks a bunch in advance!

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      Jim Truscott

      Hi Francesco. I’m gonna put a video together today that will demo what you need to do. Jim

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      David Tauriello

      Here’s an excerpt from our XBRL US Member meeting last week, showing where the values are inserted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pct7PZJsM0c

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      Jim Truscott

      Thanks for posting that David. Jim

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      Jim Truscott

      Hi there,

      I’ve just posted a fuller video – https://youtu.be/taoE_hDq6LM which covers the whole setup from start to finish and a quick whizz around the queries for starters.


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