Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Analysts, commercial providers & investors invited to December 12 webinar to learn more

XBRL US announced today the launch of a free API (Application Program Interface) standard in a Proposed Release, to create, extract and analyze XBRL formatted, computer-readable data. The API is designed to work with any XBRL database or taxonomy. The XBRL API is a standard that acts as a software intermediary, allowing applications to communicate. Software developers can incorporate the XBRL API into their applications to request XBRL content from a database or taxonomy. For example, the XBRL API can be incorporated into software applications by developers to extract financial statement data from an XBRL database, or perform analytical functions on XBRL data. Investors and analysts can use the XBRL API to gain access to historical and continuously updated financial statement data.

XBRL US maintains a demonstration database of public company data reporting in either US GAAP or IFRS to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which can be accessed by using the XBRL API. By early 2019, the XBRL US database will also contain XBRL-formatted data from companies reporting in Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and potentially other countries.

“We make our database freely available so that anyone can test out the power of the XBRL API”, said Campbell Pryde, CEO of XBRL US, “And we encourage database providers and software developers to incorporate the APIs into their own applications, and use it with their own databases. We designed the API as a user-friendly standard so that investors and developers can easily access the vast amount of timely, highly granular, financial data from companies reporting around the world.”

XBRL US provides tools that simplify and streamline access to machine-readable data by both casual data users and commercial providers. Retail investors and other periodic data users can leverage customizable spreadsheets to extract data based on pre-formatted queries. Commercial analytics and data providers can use the XBRL API and other XBRL US processing tools to load, store, and manage XBRL databases. XBRL US has also established an XBRL Data Community to encourage ongoing discussion between developers and data users about leveraging XBRL content.

A free webinar will be held on December 12, 2018 which will provide a walk-through of the APIs and other tools available to XBRL US members and to the general public. While XBRL APIs are openly available to the public, members of XBRL US have greater access to data from the XBRL US database and XBRL data processing tools.

To access the XBRL API and join the XBRL Data Community, go to:

To register for the free December 12 webinar, go to:


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