1. What is the incentive for privately owned construction companies to format the WIP in XBRL?
  2. How will data consumers manage extensions to the WIP Taxonomy as well as the GAAP Taxonomy when processing income statement, balance sheet and other types of financial data?
  3. There has been a trend in the surety industry to "do without" WIPs on a regular basis. How might this change to data standards for the WIP report affect this trend?
  4. Is there a requirement to produce a completed contracts schedule in the submission, if not, how will the schedule(s) be reconciled with the Cost & Revenue "Facts" in the financials?
  5. Are construction accounting companies involved to produce a WIP XBRL file(s) directly from their software?
  6. The case study on how contractors create a standardized WIP report features a tool by the Altova software provider. Are we advocating the use of the Altova tool?
  7. Are sureties requiring contractors to provide XBRL-formatted WIP reports?
  8. Could the surety or the bonding agent do the XBRL formatting themselves on behalf of the contractor?
  9. Are there plans to expand this program to other financials that the contractor provides, beyond the WIP report?
  10. How can standards work with a WIP that is in PDF format?
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