Extract and analyze your own and peer historical data in machine-readable XBRL format. The FERC has made multiple years of your own and peer historical filings data available in XBRL format. Available for FERC Filer Members. Data plus tools to access, coming soon.

Manage Vendor Financials

Utilities work with numerous vendors, and must conduct initial and ongoing periodic reviews of vendor financials to monitor the financial health and viability of businesses they hire. Data reported by vendor companies can range from Work-in-Process reports to financial statements.

The same XBRL standard that FERC filers use today to prepare and submit required disclosures to the FERC, can be used with contractor data to transform information into machine-readable format. Spreadsheet based templates can be prepared for vendors that allow them to provide utilities with computer-readable data, that can be automatically consumed in utilities financial management system, eliminating the need to manually rekey data from paper-based reports, reducing cost, and improving the speed and quality of your analysis.

XBRL US FERC Filer Members can use these spreadsheets to automate their own data collection process. Spreadsheet templates, coming soon.