Our latest Type 2 SOC II for November 1, 2018 – January 31, 2020 (PDF)

XBRL US Membership helps FERC filers improve the quality of their financials, stay informed, and have the confidence that they’re preparing their XBRL financials appropriately. This annual Membership gives everyone at your company access to:

  1. Tools to render individual schedules or your entire XBRL filing in human-readable format so you can review and check prior to FERC submission.
  2. In-depth instruction on XBRL formatting for every FERC form and schedule.
  3. Detailed maps of each FERC form that pinpoint the XBRL concepts needed for accurate XBRL preparation.
  4. The ability to run FERC validation rules against your filing to check for inconsistencies and error before filing. Coming soon.
  5. Historical FERC data for peer analysis. Coming soon.
  6. Recognition for your work through XBRL Achievements program.
  7. Reduced rate on educational events.

Visit the FERC Reporting platform for access to tools, instruction, data and more educational resources.