XBRL US Members can request our latest Type 2 SOC II for January 1, 2021 – July 31, 2021 (email membership@xbrl.us)

XBRL US Membership helps public utilities reporting to FERC improve the quality of their financials, stay informed, and have the confidence that they’re preparing their XBRL financials appropriately. This annual Membership gives everyone at a member company:

  1. Access to detailed instructions for every schedule required to report Forms 1, 2, 6, 60, and 714, plus quarterly versions.
  2. Mapping. Detailed reports for every schedule to ensure the right elements are selected.
  3. Rendering. Transform individual XBRL-tagged schedules into human-readable format as a filing is prepared, so work can be checked throughout the process. Render the entire filing for a final review before FERC submission.
  4. Validate. Check draft submissions as a doublecheck, so filings can be revised before final submission to the FERC.
  5. Analyze. Use the XBRL API to query 10+ years of FERC data.

Visit the FERC Reporting platform for access to tools, instruction, data and more educational resources.