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Roadmap to Build Successful Financial Data Standards

3:00 PM ET Wednesday, August 12, 2020
XBRL US Webinar
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Regulators and businesses should attend this webinar for a roadmap to building effective data standards programs that produce machine-readable data that is easy to consume.

June 2020 Newsletter

June, 2020 XBRL US CEO blogs about “Single audit, data standards and the GREAT Act”. President and CEO Campbell Pryde explains the importance of understanding all the facts behind how Single Audit reports are prepared today, and how data standards required in the GREAT Act are designed to improve the process for grantees, auditors, government […more]

Single Audit, data standards, and the GREAT Act

Campbell Pryde, President and CEO, XBRL US

The success of the GREAT Act depends on the data standards, and the implementation. That’s why it’s important to have all the facts on how grantees report today, and on how the right standard can be applied to not only meet the “letter of the law” but fulfill the promise of this important legislation.

Video: Standards for government data collection

Most U.S. government data agencies today do not require data standards for information reported by businesses, grantees, or state and local governments. Agencies could easily transition to data standards programs, with gains for all stakeholders: reporting entities would eliminate duplicate data preparation, and enjoy low costs from competitively priced preparation tools government agencies would experience […more]

May, 2020 Newsletter

May, 2020 CAFR Taxonomy public review is closed. Multiple comments received. XBRL US concluded the public review for V0.3 of the CAFR Taxonomy which represents seven statements, two footnotes and several schedules for the Single Audit Report. Comments were received from the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), as well as individual states, including Tennessee and […more]

SEC Statement on Importance of Municipal Market Disclosure

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton and the SEC Director of the Office of Municipal Securities Rebecca Olsen, published a joint public statement on The Importance of Disclosure for our Municipal Markets, with a subheading “The Effects of COVID-19 Have Raised Uncertainties Regarding the Financial Status of State and Local Governments and Special Purpose Entities; Municipal Securities […more]

April, 2020 Newsletter

April, 2020 Economic difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 crisis highlight the value of timely, accurate, consistent data to aid in the administering of loan programs like the small business loans in the CARES stimulus package, and in other relief programs we’re likely to see down the road. Congress has approved billions in funds for […more]

How are U.S. governments spending YOUR tax dollars?


Data from U.S. public companies has been produced in machine-readable format for over ten years. But data from U.S. federal, state and local governments is still posted in paper-based documents. Governments should be as accountable to taxpayers as corporations are to shareholders.

Point of View

The SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program distributed $500 billion to nearly 4.9 million businesses. The funding provided was critical. But was it as effective as it could have been?

March 2020 Newsletter

March, 2020 March has been a difficult month, as we all adapt to a new environment, way of living and doing business. Filers and XBRL providers may face challenges and the SEC has instituted several temporary relief measures to help filers during the COVID-19 crisis. Many of our members are small businesses which face unique […more]