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XBRL US Comment on SEC Draft Closed-End Fund Taxonomy

XBRL US  submitted a comment letter in response to the SEC’s draft Closed-End Fund (CEF) Taxonomy which has been prepared to support the SEC rule for Securities Offering Reform for Closed-End Investment Companies. We recommended that the Commission: Rely on the XBRL International Data Type Registry in determining data types. Consider structuring the DEI Taxonomy, […more]

SEC Proposes Disclosure Modernization for Open-End Investment Management Companies

The proposal on Tailored Shareholder Reports, Treatment of Annual Prospectus Updates for Existing Investors, and Improved Fee and Risk Disclosure for Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds; Fee Information in Investment Company Advertisements  addresses rule and form amendments to modernize the disclosure framework for open-end management investment companies. While this rule does not call for XBRL […more]

SEC Proposes Reporting Threshold for Investment Managers

The Securities and Exchange Commission published a rule proposal, Reporting Threshold for Investment Managers, which seeks comment on revising the disclosure requirement thresholds for investment managers filing form 13F data, which today is submitted in structured format, using a custom XML schema. This data would be more usable if it was prepared or converted to […more]