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Fact or Fiction? Let’s Set the Record Straight

Al Berkeley, Chairman, Princeton Capital
H.R. 5054 aims to reduce the burden on small filers, through an XBRL exemption. While the intent is good, the repercussions of the passage of an exemption like this, are anything but. Read on for the real facts.

XBRL US Opposes HR 5054 in Letter to House Financial Services Committee Prior to Markup

XBRL US opposes H.R. 5054 & presents findings from new study showing 41% decline in XBRL costs to small public companies in letter to House Financial Services Committee.

XBRL US Strongly Opposes H.R. 5054, XBRL Exemption for Small Companies

XBRL US strongly opposes HR 5054, a proposal to exempt small companies from XBRL filing, in a letter delivered to the members of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities and Investments.

XBRL Required for Florida State, County, Municipal & Special District Financials by 2022

Florida Bill 1073 will require local government financial statements for fiscal years ending on or after September 1, 2022, to be filed in XBRL format and to meet the validation requirements of the relevant taxonomy.

XBRL US Opposes XBRL Exemption in Financial CHOICE Act (Letter to HFSC)

XBRL US strongly opposes Section 411 of Subsection C of Title IV in the Financial CHOICE Act, a provision to exempt small companies from XBRL filing and which will have significant negative repercussions on both Wall Street and Main Street. Read the XBRL US argument on Section 411 in a letter to the House Financial Services Committee.

Transparency Caucus Public Briefing

11 AM Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Transparency Caucus Meeting || Rayburn Office Building
Room 2226

The Financial Transparency Act, cosponsored by nearly 30 Members of the House of Representatives, will provide a strong mandate for modernization by directing agencies to adopt consistent data standards for the information they are already collecting under securities, commodities, and banking laws. A panel of experts will explain how standardized data fields and formats can […more]

U.S. House Financial Services Committee Holds Markup Session on H.R. 1965, XBRL Exemption

The House Financial Services Committee held a markup session on several proposed bills including H.R. 1965 which calls for an XBRL exemption for small companies under $250 million in revenue. Congressman Keith Ellison proposed two amendments to that bill; neither was taken up by the Committee. Listen to the archived webcast and read the amendments.

US House Capital Mkts Hearing: Legislation to Enhance Capital Formation & Reduce Regulatory Burden

The Capital Markets & Government Sponsored Enterprises subcommittee of the House Financial Services committee held a hearing on April 29, 2015 to discuss various legislative proposals designed to enhance capital formation and reduce regulatory burdens including HR 1965, an XBRL exemption for small companies. Language in the new bill is identical to that in HR […more]

Congressional Hearing: “Legislative Proposals to Enhance Capital Formation and Reduce Burdens”

2PM ET Wednesday, April 29, 2015
U.S. House of Representatives, Capital Markets Subcommittee Webinar

Proposed legislation aiming to enhance capital formation and reduce regulatory burden were discussed, including H.R. 1965, an XBRL exemption for small companies. Watch the full hearing and read the written testimony from witnesses here.


XBRL US  actively promotes the use of structured data standards in reporting domains where it can benefit stakeholders. Advocacy efforts involve outreach to Congress and to government agencies through comment letters, testimony and recommendations. See below. Securities and Exchange Commission programs: The SEC has proposed the use of structured data for narrative disclosures in its […more]