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    Jason Mellone

    Assuming I know some report.id, I can retrieve stuff like CommonStockSharesOutstanding using something like:

    def fields_from_report_id(report_id, fields):
        return execute_query('fact/search?report.id=' + str(
            report_id) + '&fact.has-dimensions=false&concept.local-name=' + fields + '&fields=concept.local-name.sort(ASC),fact.value,fact.decimals,period.fiscal-year,period.fiscal-period')

    execute_query just executes the query using my credentials – you can assume this works.

    Now, assuming I want to retrieve Market Cap as a concept.local-name, is this possible?

    Right now, I am calc’ing Market Cap using an external vendor for price, but would rather use the xbrl feed directly, if possible

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    David Tauriello

    Hi Jason – take a look at EntityPublicFloat – it might be helpful to you.

    Here’s a sample of Microsoft’s fact.value history for the concept:


    Here’s the definition of the concept across all US GAAP Taxonomies:

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    banh play

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