March/April 2018

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Regulatory and Legislative News
Google’s BigQuery Now Hosting SEC Data

Google’s BigQuery is now hosting SEC public company data in XBRL format and provides sample queries that can be run by visitors. BigQuery is an enterprise data warehouse developed to store and query very large datasets. BigQuery hosts users data and enables fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure.

Review the data:

SEC Proposal on Investment Company Liquidity Measures Out for Public Comment

The proposal, Investment Company Liquidity Measures, builds off the final rule adopted in October 2016 for new forms N-PORT and NCEN. In that final rule, they opted for XML formatting instead of XBRL. XBRL US had submitted a comment letter at the time, advocating the use of XBRL since much of the reported data was financial in nature.

The new publication proposes requiring the disclosure of additional narratives by investment companies and asks the question: Do investors have a reason to access, reuse, or compare the narrative information? If so, would investors’ ease of access and usability of the information improve if the information were provided in a structured format (e.g., XML, XBRL, Inline XBRL)? If so, which structured format would be most useful and why?

Comments are due May 18, 2018.

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SEC Posts FAQ on the IFRS Notice

On March 30, the SEC posted an FAQ on the SEC notice regarding the availability of the IFRS Taxonomy.

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SEC Updates Interactive Data Test Suite

On March 14, the Commission updated its interactive data test suite to include tests that use the 2018 US GAAP, 2018 SEC Reporting, 2018 Document and Entity Information (DEI), 2018 Exchanges (EXCH), 2018 State and Province (STPR) and 2018 Risk-Return (RR) taxonomies. The purpose of the public test suite is to assist filers using software to validate Interactive Data prior to its submission to EDGAR.

SEC Supports the 2018 XBRL Taxonomies

The SEC announced that the EDGAR system was upgraded to Release 18.1 and now supports the 2018 US GAAP, 2018 SEC Reporting (SRT), 2018 Document and Entity Information (DEI), 2018 Exchanges (EXCH), 2018 State and Province (STPR) and 2018 Risk-Return (RR) taxonomies.

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XBRL US Domain Steering Committee Closes Public Review for Draft Reference Document: Taxonomy Approval Metrics & Process

The reference document was out for a 30-day public review period, that ended April 5, 2018. The document establishes standards for the development of XBRL taxonomies and supporting materials, from the perspective of systems development. It will serve as an integral part of the XBRL US Taxonomy Approval Process to determine taxonomies that will be certified to produce consistent, good quality XBRL data that is easy to use, accessible, and consistent.

Read the Taxonomy Metrics Approval Metrics & Process:

Candidate Release of Orange Button Solar Finance Taxonomy Finalized

SunSpec Alliance and XBRL US completed a second 30-day public review period, and published a candidate release of the Orange Button Taxonomy. Orange Button is a U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office-funded program, that aims to make it easier to exchange solar data, facilitating more efficient and cost-effective financing of distributed energy projects.

Visit the Orange Button Taxonomy page:

Webinar on SEC Reporting Taxonomy, Featuring Speakers from SEC & FASB

XBRL US will host a webinar on May 1, 2018, featuring Mike Willis from the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Louis Matherne, from the Financial Accounting Standards Board, providing guidance on use of the SRT.

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Replays of Recent Webinars Now Available

Validation Rules for IFRS and US GAAP – Participate in the Public Review, April 11, 2018
The Data Quality Committee presents the latest set of data quality rules which now include rules for both IFRS and US GAAP preparation in XBRL.

Watch the replay:

XBRL (beta) APIs – to Extract, Process & Create, March 14, 2018
XBRL APIs are standardized tools to manipulate (extract, process, and create) any XBRL content, such as data in instance documents, databases, or taxonomies. This webinar covers how to use the APIs and how to participate in the beta program.

Watch the replay:

Point of View: SEC Sites Add the “S” in “httpS://”

Herm Fischer, XBRL Developer, Mark V Systems Limited
Learn how and why government sites are migrating to HTTPS, a more secure protocol. Find out how SEC filers and vendors can determine which taxonomy sites are currently “HTTP” or “HTTPS”.

Read the post:

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Recent & Upcoming XBRL US Speaking Engagements

  • Orange Button Developer Conference, Cupertino, CA, April 19, 2018
  • Preparing For A Successful Reporting Season, a Broadridge Webinar, April 26, 2018
  • National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP) Annual Meeting & Expo, Scottsdale, AZ, April 29, 2018

Register to Attend XBRL US Data Quality Committee Meeting, Wednesday, June 27 at 1 PM ET

At this meeting, industry leaders will participate in discussions and plans for developing guidance and rules for use by public companies complying with the XBRL requirements of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Upcoming XBRL US Steering Committee Meetings

  • The Domain Steering Committee meeting will be Thursday, May 3 at 3 PM ET.
  • The Communications Steering Committee meeting will be Wednesday, May 23 at Noon ET.

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XBRL US Members
Welcome to our newest organizational member – Richey May

Founded in 1985, Richey May provides assurance, tax and business advisory services to clients throughout the Denver metropolitan area and the United States. The firm has many long-standing client relationships built upon trust and quality service. Its knowledgeable staff is dedicated to identifying new and innovative ways to exceed client expectations and helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.

XBRL US Members are committed to engaging and collaborating with other members, contributing to the standard through involvement of their teams, and striving to build awareness and educate the market. Members of XBRL US represent the full range of the business reporting supply chain.

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About Data Quality

SEC filers should all use freely available, Data Quality Committee rules to identify and resolve errors in XBRL-formatted financials for more consistent, better quality data.

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